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Thanks, you have a beautiful way of explaining things so clearly to the lay public and to health personnel like myself who need it explained just as clearly! Always learning from your blogs...R

Dear Rita,

thanks so much for the great feedback. Keep up your great work!


Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!I have a lung cancer walk site. It pretty much covers Cancer related stuff.Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Appreciate the comments here. I've just undergone extensive tests and fortunatly was diagnosed with emphysema as opposed to lung cancer. Not ideal, but the better by far of the two evils.

I bet you are a good doctor an oncologist I guess!

My mom two months ago at the age of 62 was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma stage IV EGFR gene mutation. She has been taking Tarceva for about two weeks, has a slight rash but is feeling probably about 80% better. Her coughing has completely ceased and between radiation and the Tarceva she is slowly getting her strength back. Thank you for such helpful good information. So much information out there is negative . You gave me hope when I needed it. MY MOM is also getting her life back!!!Thanks.

Dear Laura,

It sounds like your mom's cancer is responding to the Tarceva. Here's hoping it continues for a long time. FYI, there are medicines being developed to overcome resistance to Tarceva should that happen. Look out for trials of them. Let me know if I can help.

Best to you and you mom,

Dr. Frank

Hi Dr. Frank,
I wanted to thank you for your response. That was very nice of you and yes I will keep your name close in case I need some help with clinical trials. I just wanted to let you know that my mom has completed 8 weeks on Tarceva and her results are amazing. The new PET scan showed a 75% improvement of shrinkage of her lung tumor, the spot on her liver is gone and lymph node involvment is also shrinking! We are ecstatic. She will be going back to work next month! Truly amazing especially in such short time!

My father is currently about to start chemo for non-small cell advanced lung cancer that has metastasized to the liver. He is a cigar smoker, but they have not done the tests yet for the biological markers even though he is six weeks into this. He is suffering from serious weight loss, pain and severe weakness. A friend in the medical field also mentioned an even newer drug Yale started using or testing for advanced metastasized non small cell lung cancer this summer that has had great results. Is that correct?

Thank you all for your comments. Clinical trials testing new drugs are available at community and academic medical centers so start with your oncologist and also check out what nearby centers have in terms of promising approaches worth traveling for.

DR. Frank

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